I am trying to make a Postal UCC/EAN Code 128 barcode.  I need the first 3
numbers to be "420" then to grab the first 5 charactors of the "PostNet"
field, plus the check digit, start, FUNC1 and the stop charactors.

I have tried all of these options & cannot find one that works.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.


return Make128Barcode ("420") + Left(Field("PostNet"), 5);

//return Make128Barcode ("420") + (Left(Field("PostNet"), 5));
//return Make128Barcode (("420") + Left(Field("PostNet"),5,1), "true");
//return Make128Barcode ("420" + Left(Field("PostNet"),5,1), "true");
//return Make128Barcode ("420") + Left(Field("PostNet"), 5)

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