Dear Design,

Create a new rule and copy and paste the following:

var Add = Field("AddEmail")
var Rep = Field("RepE-mail")

if (Add == "Y")
        return Rep;
        return "";

Once you have your new rule created, open the Text Editor of the text block you'd like to add it to and insert your new rule. You may or may not need to check "Suppress if Empty" depending of use.



On Jun 15, 2007, at 9:53 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

I need a rule where if the field "AddEmail" = Y, the data in field
"RepE-mail" will be inserted in it's place. If "AddEmail" = N, I'd like
the space to be blank.  Simple rule I assume, but I'm still learning
Java...or perhaps I'm just missing something.

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