What's changed.
Since your running ver 3.2 you've been running for awhile.
Suitcase upgrade, Acrobat upgrade, corrupt fonts?
Is this a job you have worked on before with no problems?
You can always put the fonts into the system fonts folder rather than relying on suitcase if you need to get something out asap
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Hi everyone, I am having font loading problems with FusionPro. I'm hoping
someone can help me out!  :)  When I go to Load Fonts in FusionPro, the
program crashes (just FP, not Acrobat) and the fonts will not load. This
is when I have Suitcase up and running. However, if I quit Suitcase, FP
will load fonts, but not the fonts that I need. It will not load any fonts
I have activated when Suitcase is closed. Is anyone else having these
issues? I obviously can't get anywhere with the projects I'm working on
b/c I have to continuously open and close Suitcase. I don't understand how
compatibility would play a part in causing this to happen either; I've
uninstalled and reinstalled FusionPro twice.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!!


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