I'm seeing two minor issues with the Business Card Repeat template
Printable supplies from the online Knowledge Base. I'm running FusionPro
Desktop v3.2 on Mac OS 10.4.9 (if that helps).

First -- I get the following error when saving the OnJobStart callback:
"Macintosh HD:Library:Application Support:Printable:FusionPro:Builtins.js,
line 2179: Error: File operation open failed."
Is this simply a "validation/preview" error and I should ignore it or is
this line of the builtins.js bad?

Second --  When I compose a secondary file and the secondary record count
is less then the primary file, my composed file contains all of the
secondary records... as well as the balance of records from the primary
file to it's total record count.

Something like this:
The first input file has 10 records, let say A1 thru. A10.
The second input file has 7 records, B1 thru B7.
My composed file of the second input file will be

The current "work-around" is to trash the temp file after each

With that said, is it possible to delete (or rename with date and time
appended to filename) the temp. file with an OnJobEnd callback? And if so,


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