Never-mind Dan!

After reviewing the script inside the OnJobStart callback, I noticed, now that I know what I'm looking at, a commented out "remove()" tag already present.

sf = new ExternalDataFile(orginputfilename, "t");
var of = new File(newfilename);

I've removed the comment code (forward slashes) and ran a test of two different length lists:
first = short list
second = long list
third = short list again

and SNAP! Amazing what you can do when you finally "get it".

Anyway... thanks again for all your help!



As for the second issue... let me try to clarify. We have a master template which produces custom book covers, each order contains multiple books. We batch and run each week. On week one I have, let say, 150 total orders comprising, let say, 500 total books to process.

Now the following week I have a total of only 450 books. When I compose the second weeks production run my resulting file contains of week #2's book covers (450) as well as book covers 451-500 of week #1 run.


Second -- When I compose a secondary file and the secondary record count
is less then the primary file, my composed file contains all of the
secondary records... as well as the balance of records from the primary
file to it's total record count.

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