Did you go to the Vegas User Seminar? The Vegas Mailer template they
handed out outputs to 5 different folders within one folder called
"Output". See below:


return Acct2.GetFieldValue(CurRec, "1");


FusionPro.Composition.outputFileFullPathName = "C:\\Documents and
Settings\\User\\My Documents\\Fusion Pro Samples\\Vegas JavaScript
Seminar\\Output\\" + Rule("CasinoName") + "\\" + Field("CustomerNumber") +

They used an external database to match the current record's "Casino"
field to determine what pre-named folder it belonged to.




> O.K. everyone out there, put on your thinking caps? This is a wierd one,
> and I'm not exactly sure as to why, but I've been asked to present this to
> the forum by my manager.
> Is there any way for FusionPro Server to compose and save a pdf file out
> to two different locations. I know that you can put multiple paths in the
> Advance>Set Path location to look in multiple resource folders. Can you do
> also do this with the output location?
> David A. Sweet
> HKM Direct Market Communications

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