Dan Corn, David A. Sweet and anyone else following this tread,

After much research, learning and experimentation... I've hit the wall!

From Dan Corn's reply on Nov. 17, 2006 to Richard's original posting of "Splitting Records based on a Field in the data", Dan suggested a three step approch:

Create a routine in OnJobStart to read in the original data file and create a new one with record "chunks" of specific sizes, which you can then use as your input file for the composition. In other words, you'll create, say, a hundred records for each account-holder, but only the number of actual records from your original input file will contain data, and the rest will be empty.
I've done this and in reviewing the temp. file... it works perfectly!

You can then put some logic into OnRecordStart to set FusionPro.Composition.composeThisRecord = false for the extra empty records in each output file chunk.
This is set up too.

Set the number of records per output file in the Composition Settings to the same number of records you're creating for each account- holder, including the empty records.
It's set.

And here's the issue...
When I compose, the first output file contains all of Group #1's live records plus the balance of Group #2's live records up to the "chuck count". The second output file contains the remaining of Group #2's live records not already composed in Group #1, as well as the balance of Group #3's live records up to the set "chunk count", and so on, and so on, and so on!

The short version is... it doesn't work. OnRecordStart is basically cancelling out the empty records created by the OnJobStart routine. They're no longer there to hold the total "chuck count".

Or am I missing something?

You also mentioned...
We are looking into adding the ability to start a new output file at any given time through JavaScript, without having to rework your input file, in a future version. But you'll have to use a strategy like the one outlined above for now.

This is a major efficiency issue for us. It's not about whether the staff in our mailing department can manually separate a mailing project into it's individual trays, it's about getting the whole mailing project through the plant in easy to management groups. And, having everyone know that if an issue arises with one of the groups or trays, it can be sidelined and corrected while the rest of the project continues being processed.

With all that said, what is the timeline for this type of feature's release?


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