Try this...

On the Output Tab of the composition menu, where you chose "output
format" as jlyt, there is a button next to it for options, open this
sub-menu and select a folder for the "font location". When you embed
fonts (and only when you select embed fonts), FusionPro will do a
conversion of the variable fonts (and only the variable fonts), and then
stores a printer version in windows format of these fonts in the
previously selected folder. These are the fonts that you need to upload
to your HP.

When the company I worked for used Yours Truly, when we first got out
HP, we discovered a couple of ways to "trick" the program into actually
embedding the fonts so no fonts ever had to be uploaded. These tricks
don't work in FusionPro. Currently I have not found a way to actually
"embed" any fonts inside FusionPro for the jlyt format. Using the
options folder and selecting "embed fonts" during composition just
triggers FusionPro to save off the fonts for uploading to your HP

We talked with the HP engineers about helping the programmers at
FusionPro with the font embedding features, and they told us that it was
no secret about embedding of fonts and that if another company asked for
help, they usually give it gladly. I guess they want their machines used
as an output by as many programs as possibly. Also, HP even told us
about FusionPro in the first place. That was just another reason as to
why we switched.

David A. Sweet
Web Designer/Graphic Designer
HKM Direct Market Communications
A DirectConnectGroup Company

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Have fonts loaded in indesign. Exported to fusion pro. Have all fonts in
right folders. Have loaded fonts in Fusion pro and acrobat and restarted
both programs. Have reassigned all fonts in acrobat. Have composed with
all fonts embeded to pdf and jlt. Send file over to hp indigo and all
fonts are missing. Have tried loading fonts on Hp but are the wrong
Have tried converting fonts to Trans Type. That program doesn't like
Fonts are otf. I work on an intel mac. Is this the problem? The program
looks great, but every completely strange problem happens with my job
there is never any posts to answers for the people who have the same

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