I do this all the time using a tagged markup file.  I don't know if you
can make a rule to do it.  In your document, create the max number of
graphic frames that you will need.  Your tagged markup file will look
something like:

<graphic copyhole="Pic1" file="C:\image001.pdf">
<graphic copyhole="Pic2" file="C:\image002.pdf">
<graphic copyhole="Pic3" file="C:\image003.pdf">
<graphic copyhole="Pic4" file="C:\image004.pdf">
<graphic copyhole="Pic1" file="C:\image005.pdf">
<graphic copyhole="Pic2" file="C:\image006.pdf">
<graphic copyhole="Pic3" file="C:\image007.pdf">

When you compose, it will leave the frames empty that have no vaules and
you will get an error message like:

No value associated to graphic copyhole <Pic5> in record 1.
No value associated to graphic copyhole <Pic4> in record 2.
No value associated to graphic copyhole <Pic5> in record 2.

This works for me and you can also get files off a network drive without
making them resources.

I hope that this helps.


> I am afraid what I want to do may not be possible, but I figured I'd 
> throw it out there for someone else to think about as well.
> I have a list of names, and each name will have 3 to 5 pictures with it
> (photos of the person). I want to be able to compose one sheet with all
> the pictures of the person, and with only their images on it.  Example 
> of data:
> John Smith   Image001.jpg
> John Smith   Image002.jpg
> John Smith   Image003.jpg
> John Smith   Image004.jpg
> Becky Jones   Image005.jpg
> Becky Jones   Image006.jpg
> Becky Jones   Image007.jpg
> Robert Smith   Image008.jpg
> Robert Smith   Image009.jpg
> and so on...
> So, on my first page, there would be four images of John Smith.  Second
> page would be three pictures of Becky Jones.  etc etc...
> Is it possible to create a rule to do this?

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