Hi Lisa -

This might work:

var x = ToLower(Left(Field("LastName"), 1))

if (x == ("a" || "b" || "c"))
        return Resource("GraphicABC");

else if (x == ("d" || "e" || "f"))
        return Resource("GraphicDEF");

else if (x == ("g" || "h" || "i"))
        return Resource("GraphicGHI");

        return Resource("GraphicDefault");

The function "Left" will return however many left-most characters you
specify (we're specifying 1) of any string you specify (in this case,
Field(LastName)). Then I'd recommend a "ToLower" function to make your
rule work no matter if the input is upper- or lower-case (not sure if this
is necessary, but it covers the bases).

Then do an IF statement.

I recommend poking around the "Building Blocks" section of the Rule Editor
- there's all kinds of stuff in there! Plus, since it is just Javascript,
you can always Google something like "return left character of a string in
Javascript" and I bet you would find a tutorial on it on the web.

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