Did you ever get an answer to this issue?  I'm working on a job where I'm
getting the exact same error you did and like you cannot figure out my
problem!  It's an 11 x 17 piece so it's a 1 up imposition and no matter what
I try I can't get multiple files. 

>Hi Bruce,
>Yep, I have. It is a 3up. I've tried various mutliples of three and then I
>even tried some that weren't just to see what would happen. I've tried
>1650, 1200, 550, 1653 (I've lost count actually of all the variations I
>tried). No matter what number I put in, I get the error message and one
>output file.

>Interestingly enough, I just tried a test where I didn't select any
>imposition file at all. I then get multiple output files (but of course I
>do need it to be 3up, so I need the imposition).

>So, I tried remaking an entirely new imposition file in case mine was
>corrupted somehow. But I still get the error. Very frustrating. And I
>think I've stumped support. :-(

>Thanks for the quick reply.

> Kim
> Did you check that the number of records imposed on a sheet will fit =
> evenly in a chunk? For example, if you are imposing 3 up on a sheet, =
> then the number of records in a chunk needs to be a multiple of 3 like =
> 333 for one hundred sheets. =20
> Bruce

> Could anyone tell me if they are able to use the "output to multiple
> files" option when composing on a Mac?
> I've tried different numbers, changed my imposition settings, stood on =
> my
> head and hopped on one foot. No matter what I do, I get the following
> error:
> "The number of records requested in a chunk is not compatible with the
> imposition setting. The number of records in a chunk has been adjusted."
> I'm running version 4.1 on a Mac and I'm outputting JLT (I have tried
> outputting to PDF too).
> Thanks for any help.
> -kim

Lisa Brooks
Brooks Litho & Digital Group
P: (631)789-4500
F: (631)789-4505
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