> You can find the draft at:
> https://github.com/fvwmorg/fvwm/blob/ta/new-config-format/
> docs/NEW-CONFIG.md
I read through the draft a bit, below are my questions/comments.

For parsing compatibility, perhaps a special command, comment, or token to
indicate which format is being used so that FVWM (and humans) need not

Will there be a way to have fvwm yield it's current configuration while
it's running?  If you're going through the effort of redoing the
configuration parser, this seems like a great time to do this and it would
be a huge motivator for using the new syntax.

I'm trying to make sense of the use of comma in the -w option.  It's not
very mini-CLI of it.  Why not allow the -w option to be specified more than
once and in each case it could make use of a different prefix to the
value.  For example, (if I wanted urxvt to be red and xterm to be blue):

Style -w r:x-terminal-emulator -w c:URxvt Colorset 1
Style -w r:x-terminal-emulator -w c:xterm Colorset 2

Though, in retrospect, perhaps duplicating the option and having a special
prefix in the value probably isn't very CLI either.

Do you plan support actual string names of colorsets or are you just sort
of shoehorning the -n name for the number?

The values passed to -t in those focus commands has me confused.  Above,
something else that had -t used the format screen:desk.page but this
doesn't appear to apply to the Focus command.  Could you more explicitly
describe this?

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