On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 11:20:25PM +0100, Dominik Vogt wrote:
> While the enthusiasm to remove outdated stuff (strokes, Xinerama,
> colourmaps, old parser etc.) is an important step towards a
> maintainable and nice future fvwm3, there are certainly some old
> systems still running that use some obscure features.
> In order to not alienate long time users from fvwm we may need to
> make a clean cut at some time:
>  * Up to version X, the old feature set and syntax is supported
>    "forever".  There won't be any new features anymore, but if
>    need be, we'll look into fixes like to new library versions and
>    such, so that the old version will continue to run on old boxes.
>    Patches fixing such problems are welcome, and once in a while a
>    new maintenance release is made.
>  * From version X+1 onwards, no guarantees are made about
>    continued support of obscure features, until there's an
>    official fvwm-3.0.
> Is that doable?  WIth X == 2.6.7?  (Of course this is all depends
> on people actually doing that work.)

It's doable from a code/maintenance point of view, yes.  But I hope that
there's no real expectation that developers or future developers (chance would
be a fine thing!) who might be working on this mythical fvwm-3, should care
about fvwm-legacy.

Oh, and I love the idea---but I am incredibly skpetical about it coming to
fruition, given that there are so few people developing fvwm these days.

But, yeah, I'm all for this.

-- Thomas Adam

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