On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 06:29:59AM +0200, Viktor Griph wrote:
> Den 17 okt. 2016 11:56 PM skrev "Dominik Vogt" <dominik.v...@gmx.de>:
> >
> > Does anybody really use libstroke support?
> I've been using it in my configs since I started using fvwm.
> > It's resonsible for
> > quite some hardly readably code, and I suspect nobody uses it
> > anymore.  If there's a need for mouse gesture or touchpad support,
> > there must certainly be some other library around that does a
> > better job.
> I haven't looked for alternatives, but it feels like the functionality
> really should live in a separate application. It's not about managing
> windows, but being able to execute commands on gestures.

Absolutely.  From looking at the libstroke homepage [0] it seems as though
FVWM are the only real users of this library.  Heck, they even have FVWM
listed as a reference program---including packaging up the FVWM sources for
2.0.45.  Historically interesting, but hardly relevant.

I am all in favour of writing a program to do this external to FVWM
instead---heck, it could even be a module if necessary.  But I don't like it
in the core of FVWM, and never have---the STROKE_CODE macro seems to really
irritate me.

-- Thomas Adam

[0]  http://etla.net/libstroke/

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