Branch: refs/heads/ta/licence-removal
  Commit: 7274b020a4dfec4adcc5317f557605b006bce085
  Author: Thomas Adam <>
  Date:   2018-03-02 (Fri, 02 Mar 2018)

  Changed paths:
    M bin/fvwm-root.c
    M fvwm/borders.c
    M fvwm/builtins.c
    M fvwm/colormaps.c
    M fvwm/colormaps.h
    M fvwm/conditional.c
    M fvwm/decorations.c
    M fvwm/focus.c
    M fvwm/functions.c
    M fvwm/fvwm.c
    M fvwm/icons.c
    M fvwm/menucmd.c
    M fvwm/menus.c
    M fvwm/misc.c
    M fvwm/module_interface.c
    M fvwm/move_resize.c
    M fvwm/read.c
    M fvwm/style.c
    M fvwm/windowlist.c
    M libs/Picture.c
    M libs/PictureBase.c
    M libs/flist.c
    M modules/FvwmAuto/FvwmAuto.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/FvwmButtons.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/FvwmButtons.h
    M modules/FvwmButtons/button.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/button.h
    M modules/FvwmButtons/draw.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/draw.h
    M modules/FvwmButtons/icons.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/icons.h
    M modules/FvwmButtons/misc.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/misc.h
    M modules/FvwmButtons/output.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/parse.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/parse.h
    M modules/FvwmCpp/FvwmCpp.c
    M modules/FvwmEvent/FvwmEvent.c
    M modules/FvwmM4/FvwmM4.c
    M modules/FvwmPager/FvwmPager.c

  Log Message:
  Remove Rob Nation's copyright notice

There's been a long-standing conflict between the time Rob Nation first
created FVWM, and subsequent GPL versions.  In some strict
interpretations, FVWM is non-GPL compliant because of the original
copyright notices.

In tracking down Rob Nation, he's happy for his original copyright
statements to be removed from the code of FVWM.

"Yes, that's fine. Go ahead and remove the notice from all modules with
that or similar legends." -- Robert Nation.

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