Now that the copyright issue has been sorted out, and we're largely able to
resume things, I can't remember what we said about what the next steps were
with fvwm.

I know we had some conversations around the state of fvwm2, with this odd
split between my deprecating a bunch of modules, and fvwm2-stable being a
branch which undoes this, but I recall we've drawn a line under this now.  Or
rather, I will no longer personally be touching fvwm2 in any guise.  AFAIAC,
I'm done with that.

So it begs the question what to do next and how to approach doing that work.
There's a list of ideas I'd started either to write or collate from elsewhere,
and I know that Dominik has been kind enough to comment on some of those:


There's some really good ideas there -- and there's the core of fvwm which
will really lend itself well to trying to improve and modernise things.  I'm
keen on that point -- with a 20+ year old project, it's always good to take
the opportunity to weed/prune/modernise what's there when the opportunity
presents itself.  It's something I tried to do in part with fvwm2, and failed.

Thoughts welcome.

-- Thomas Adam

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