I am trying to update the fvwm-menu-desktop script to work in python 3
while being python 2 compatible, since python 2 is nearing end of

I first ran 2to3 on the script and it fixed the majority the syntax
differences. But the script's output had some encoding issues due to
differences in python 2 and 3 in terms of utf-8. I was able to trace
down the issues and get them to work on my system, mostly by bypassing
the decoding/encoding function if using python 3 (I think this is
okay, because python 3 should support utf-8 in strings by default and
not need to encode/decode them).

Just seeing if anyone would want to test the script on their setup if
they use it to see if it works both with Python 3 and Python 2, and
especially with someone who has menus that uses lots of utf-8
characters with accents in them.

You can find the changes in the branch js/fvwm-menu-desktop

You may have to change the she-bang at the top of the script to
#!/usr/bin/python3 if it gets built with python 2.



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