Branch: refs/heads/ta/rip-out
  Commit: 2d285828787eab6402f42b8e61c50693f57b6bc9
  Author: Thomas Adam <>
  Date:   2018-07-29 (Sun, 29 Jul 2018)

  Changed paths:
    A contrib/coccinelle/cast.cocci
    M fvwm/add_window.c
    M fvwm/borders.c
    M fvwm/builtins.c
    M fvwm/colorset.c
    M fvwm/conditional.c
    M fvwm/events.c
    M fvwm/ewmh.c
    M fvwm/ewmh_icons.c
    M fvwm/ewmh_names.c
    M fvwm/execcontext.c
    M fvwm/expand.c
    M fvwm/frame.c
    M fvwm/functions.c
    M fvwm/fvwm3.c
    M fvwm/infostore.c
    M fvwm/menuitem.c
    M fvwm/menus.c
    M fvwm/menustyle.c
    M fvwm/modconf.c
    M fvwm/module_interface.c
    M fvwm/module_list.c
    M fvwm/move_resize.c
    M fvwm/read.c
    M fvwm/schedule.c
    M fvwm/session.c
    M fvwm/stack.c
    M fvwm/style.c
    M fvwm/virtual.c
    M fvwm/windowlist.c
    M fvwm/windowshade.c
    M libs/BidiJoin.c
    M libs/Bindings.c
    M libs/Colorset.c
    M libs/CombineChars.c
    M libs/FBidi.c
    M libs/FEvent.c
    M libs/FGettext.c
    M libs/FImage.c
    M libs/FScreen.c
    M libs/FTips.c
    M libs/Fft.c
    M libs/Ficonv.c
    M libs/Flocale.c
    M libs/FlocaleCharset.c
    M libs/Graphics.c
    M libs/
    M libs/Module.c
    M libs/Parse.c
    M libs/Picture.c
    M libs/PictureBase.c
    M libs/PictureGraphics.c
    M libs/PictureImageLoader.c
    M libs/PictureUtils.c
    M libs/Strings.c
    M libs/System.c
    M libs/XResource.c
    M libs/charmap.c
    M libs/envvar.c
    M libs/flist.c
    M libs/fsm.c
    M libs/queue.c
    M libs/safemalloc.c
    M libs/safemalloc.h
    A libs/strlcpy.c
    A libs/strlcpy.h
    M libs/timeout.c
    M modules/FvwmAnimate/FvwmAnimate.c
    M modules/FvwmAuto/FvwmAuto.c
    M modules/FvwmBacker/FvwmBacker.c
    M modules/FvwmBanner/FvwmBanner.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/FvwmButtons.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/FvwmButtons.h
    M modules/FvwmButtons/button.c
    M modules/FvwmButtons/parse.c
    M modules/FvwmCommand/FvwmCommand.c
    M modules/FvwmCommand/fifos.c
    M modules/FvwmCommandS/FvwmCommandS.c
    M modules/FvwmConsole/FvwmConsole.c
    M modules/FvwmConsole/FvwmConsoleC.c
    M modules/FvwmConsole/getline.c
    M modules/FvwmCpp/FvwmCpp.c
    M modules/FvwmEvent/FvwmEvent.c
    M modules/FvwmForm/FvwmForm.c
    M modules/FvwmForm/ParseCommand.c
    M modules/FvwmForm/ReadXServer.c
    M modules/FvwmIconMan/FvwmIconMan.c
    M modules/FvwmIconMan/functions.c
    M modules/FvwmIconMan/globals.c
    M modules/FvwmIconMan/readconfig.c
    M modules/FvwmIconMan/winlist.c
    M modules/FvwmIconMan/xmanager.c
    M modules/FvwmIdent/FvwmIdent.c
    M modules/FvwmM4/FvwmM4.c
    M modules/FvwmPager/FvwmPager.c
    M modules/FvwmPager/x_pager.c
    M modules/FvwmProxy/FvwmProxy.c
    M modules/FvwmRearrange/FvwmRearrange.c
    M modules/FvwmScript/FvwmScript.c
    M modules/FvwmScript/Instructions.c
    M modules/FvwmScript/Widgets/Swallow.c
    M modules/FvwmScript/scanner.c
    M modules/FvwmScript/script.c
    M modules/FvwmScript/script.y

  Log Message:
  Replace safemalloc with x* equivalents

It's insane to have casts to malloc and other functions, so remove those.
Whilst there, standardise the wrappers we use.

The conversion is achieved via a coccinelle script.

      **NOTE:** This service has been marked for deprecation:

      Functionality will be removed from on January 31st, 2019.

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