Version 3.6.0
Code name "Magic Star"

You can download it from

Fvwm Crystal 3.6.0 is a big step forward.

- Dependencies updated to >=fvwm-2.6.9 and python3.
- A configurable button bar along with the Custom new recipe are
  providing a contemporary look. It have its own preference menu and
  can be placed on any side of the desktop.
  - Left click: menu or application launcher
  - Middle cllick: remove the button and redraw the bar
  - Right click: preference menu, a new button will be placed at the
  right of the clicked button
- New Italian translation
- Support for FVWM_*DIR at fvwm-crystal invocation, see 'man
- Support for Icon and MiniIcon fvwm Styles for each application found
  during the application menu generation.
- Support of automatic restart of urxvtc when crashed.
- Silent the application database. This make the login shell
  (and fvwm-crystal logfile if any), to be less poluted
  by external applications.
- Improved the systemd Exit menu with hibernate/resume support.
- Screenlid suspend-hibrid support with preference
- Cadence support into the Music menu and Music GUI key binding
- Mouse velocity preference (default: system value)
- The python scripts are updated to python 3.
  They was tested with python 2 and should work, but that's not
  officially supported anymore.
- Update of the Fullscreen fonction to the new fvwm builtin function
  with workaround about non ewmh compliant browsers
  That update simplify this function and make it to work better.
- Improved support of different button sizes into the recipes with
- The ACPI applets will be shown only when the required hardware is
- New window decorations Buttons-amigaos-Fullscreen
  and Buttons-amigaos-MiniIcon-Fullscreen. A left click on the second
  button will bring the window in fullscreen. The existing amigaos
  button models will now maximize the window.

As always, numerous fixes, bugfixes and new applications and icons
for the application menu. Most important ones:

- The EWMH working area was reverted to its original function and
  improved. It should work fine with all recipes and with both the
  desktop manager and the new button bar when activated.
- Fix support of svg application icons.
- Temporary fix for the Font preferences applet crashing at launch
  with some colorsets (due to a fvwm bug). It can look uggly
  but should work with all colorsets.
- Fix the media players styles. This also fix their icons at top layer
  after a recipe change bug.

See ChangeLog for the details.

I tested fvwm-crystal with fvwm 3. It mostly work and is usable,
but that's not supported at that time.
Anyway, that's a very good news for the future of fvwm-crystal.
A big thank you to the fwvm workers for their dedication to fvwm
and for their support!

A big thank you to Star the dog and to the translators!

With the new Custom recipe and its magic button, fvwm-crystal get
a modern look and a terrific customizable multiple launcher.
This imply most effort into its development will be focused
into making it fvwm3 fully compliant.
Which in turn mostly imply to update the fvwm dialogs
to fvwm scripts at that time of writing.

Translations, fixes and bugfixes will continue to be applied.

New functions and other improvements will be accepted, but for my part,
they will be part of a general reflexion about what I want to do
with fvwm-crystal.

I know what I don't want:
a full rewrite would be a time consuming catastrophe
because we will loose all the history including numerous fixes.
Also, as fvwm-crystal has been more and more extended with time,
I think a tooltip system must be added.
Beside that, I would appreciate very much any ideas or contributions.

Dominique Michel

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