peter g <> writes:

> Hi Everyone:
> i have a frustrating issue with fvwm and casting from google's chrome,
> that maybe somebody has a workaround for.
> Normally, under any other WM i've tried (and also on windows), in the
> chrome browser, choosing "Cast", will pop up a small window that asks
> the user what device to cast to. Unfortunately in fvwm that little
> window with those options does not show up.
> I've tried both with my config, but also with a very fvwm config such as:
> key c  A CM FvwmConsole
> key r  A CM Restart
> Key u  A CM Exec xterm
> If anyone has a work around, that would be much appreciated, as
> casting, for better or worse, is very useful to me.

I've got chromium, not google-chrome.

I click on the 3 dots on the second line,
a menu pops up, I select "cast".

A dialog box pops up labeled "cast tab".
It searches for devices and finds none.

That dialog box is internal to the browser, it's not a window manager window.

Dan Espen

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