> > Log message:
> > * Write fvwm in lower case everywhere
> I disagree with this policy.
> > (sigh, FVWM has been popping up all over
> > the place since the last time I cahanged this)..
> That's because lower case acronyms are counter-intuitive &
> uncommon.

My opinion is that

 *  Acronyms are counter-intuitive and uncommon.

 *  Words written in capital letters offend the eye and
    are difficult to read.

 *  Fvwm is just a name.  Almost nobody cares what the
    letters stand for or whether they stand for anything.

 *  In common language, words are written in lower case.

 *  Documents teeming with MWM, EWMH, GNOME, FVWM,
    ICCCM, GTK+ etc. are simply difficult to read.

 *  There have always been much more places where "fvwm"
    was written that "FVWM".

 *  Writing acronyms in capitals is technically wrong.  EMWH does
    not stand for "Enhanced Window Manager Hints" (which is
    incorrect in English language) but for "enhanced window
    manager hints".

 *  In common language, words are written in lower case.

 *  The executable's name is "fvwm".

 *  The tarball's name is "fvwm-something.tar.gz".

 *  Nobody who thinks FVWM is the better name ever made
    any effort to unify the spelling (which means to edit
    hundreds of files manually).

> The standard convention is to spell acronyms in capitals.

I never thought of fvwm as an acronym.  


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