>>>>> "BS" == Björn Steinbrink <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

BS> Likely (in my experience), the Apache configuration has the
BS> AddDefaultCharset option set to UTF-8. Debian started doing that
BS> some time ago, but reverted it by now, as it easily causes trouble
BS> unless you know what you're doing. I guess Fedora did the same
BS> (well, except for the revert).

Well, they may have reverted it in the meantime, but the fvwm.org
server isn't terribly new.  I'm budgeting $20K for new servers this
fiscal year so hopefully I'll be migrating things over in the next
couple of months.

Anyway, thanks for the correct description of the problem (not
"overriding the default encoding" but "overriding the page-specified
encoding") and the pointer to the configuration bits.  I put
"AddDefaultCharset off" in the fvwm.org virtualhost stanza and it
seems to have solved the problem.

 - J<

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