2009/9/22 Leeman Strout <m...@mooluv.com>:
> I realize that it's all case sensitive, and I used xprop to find this info.
>  As for specific cases for case sensitivity, this is what xprop says for
> gvim:  WM_CLASS(STRING) = "gvim", "Gvim"    and pidgin:

Ah -- you're failing to interpret that correctly.  The lowercase
version is the *resource*, and the "Gvim" one there is the *class*.
Look at FvwmIdent for instance.

So in your case, in terms of your config file, you probably want to do:


But it's academic at this point, since all of this has come down to
your own misunderstanding entire.  Next time, use FvwmIdent for this
sort of thing.  xprop is a tool intended for developers more than
anything else.

> "pidgin", "Pidgin"  So those should be no issue I would think.

See above.

> Paying attention to your specifying "class" I re-read the IconMan man page.
>  Is IconMan not able to deal with name="..."  as in my jEdit line?

It is, I just found it easier to use classes/

> Other than that it would seem that this config should work.

But it won't.  See above.  Again, as I stated originally, as the
weightings in your example mostly come out all at 40, FvwmIconMan will
fall back to a string comparison for working out placements in the
FvwmIconMan list.

-- Thomas Adam

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