I'm taking a sudden interest in the fvwm code because Thomas
Adam posted on the user list looking for GSOC cantidates, but I've loved
fvwm for a long time, started C programming a few years ago, perl a few
years before that, to a small degree understand and have used xlib.

Not totally sure that I am the appropriate person for GSOC, but I do
think Thomas should follow up with the mentoring application this year
as you are sure to get *someone* who can do good things for you.  Also
I think I'd like to take an interest anyway, I have never taken part in
a large collaborative project like this.  

Poking around in the source made me realize how out of touch I
actually am just with the interface -- eg, the first two things I
wanted to do were 1) make the "windows start" key work as a modifier,
which eventually I realized this is <<6, aka Mod4Mask, and already
available :D Second example was the desk label in fvwm pager: I use one
desk and don't want it.  Eventually noticed this is flagged with
"uselabel" in the FvwmPager source and eliminating the label is in the
man page :D :D

So this may well be a question more appropriate to the user list but I
thought I'd ask here as you are sure to know and what follows from that
is thinking about the possibility of implementing it.  

Using the "start" key is like adding a fourth bit -- when really the
first three are already taken except in combination.  I keep the pager
staysonbottom, but I'd like to couple a universal root window key combo
to RaiseLower the pager and probably also change it's geometry -- like
double the size and center it, then maybe even on click lower and put
it back in the corner.  I'd love to do that with the iconbox too.

The style settings already depend upon regexing or globbing with the
window names (hey -- which is it?) .  Those are hardcoded in the

Style "someapp" Property...

But I don't see a way to call a function on a window by name?  Am I

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