2010/2/16 MK <halfcountp...@intergate.com>:
>> > Tangential question: am I missing something or is WindowId bordeline
>> > useless?
>> Oh, it has a lot of uses in passing around specific window IDs to
>> functions to refer to specific windows -- and is used a lot
>> internally by FVWM as well.
> I could see it being useful internally; but as for "specific windows" in
> the config how can you know in advance what windowID to use?

It's mostly useful for dynamic configuration. For instance it could be
used together with PipeRead to do something with a window selected by
other means earlier. Or you could be interested in saving a window id
in an environmental variable and use it later. (The $[w.id] window
variable is the key to successful use of the WindowId command in most
cases.) Of course it should not be abused either, if for instance
window states can be used instead on environment variables that is


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