> I'm *assuming* the above is done *before* FVWM is started?  If it
> isn't, then you're going to have to restart FVWM so it can pick up the
> changes next time it queries X11 [1].

Yes (that is, no: I did not restart it; if I try to use xrandr during
X init or even just to plug in the second monitor, the behaviour of X 
and then fvwm is weird and random).

You got the problem right :) I restarted fvwm, and the focusing "bug"
is fixed, thanks a lot! However, there is another thing: 
"smart placement" does *not* want to place windows on my second monitor 
(though other programs like firefox use the second monitor freely). 
This is not a big deal, of course, but it's a sign that not all parts 
of fvwm understand the new size even after restart.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


> -- Thomas Adam
> [1]  Yes, before anyone asks I do have patches for XRandR support.
> No, I'm doing no development until we have the new Git repositories in
> place.

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