On Tue, Nov 01, 2011 at 01:07:27PM +0100, Thomas Funk wrote:
> I constructed create_fvwm2_menu_hash() and merge_fvwm2_menus() because I don't
> understand the structure Dan created in read_menu() ... but now it's more
> important to analyze it deeper, than fix merge_fvwm2_menus() because using his
> structure is the better way - it's in one context ...
> Dan, if i need help to understand your work, would you help me? Would be 
> great ...

Dan didn't construct that structure, that's how it was originally based on
parsing the XML files for the XDG menu definitions, and it's always been the
structured formed from the XDG data which I've had an issue with, since it's
very inefficient.

And it's this, including my reply to you previously in this thread, which I
was hoping you'd be addressing.  Yes, the XDG spec talks about merging items
together, etc., and that's fine, but making that a direct facet of how the
data is structured and stored is not the bes thing to do, IMO.

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