On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 10:44:52AM -0500, Chris Siebenmann wrote:
> | On 24 January 2012 14:54, Dan Espen <des...@verizon.net> wrote:
> | > I think any platform that supports XDG is going to have python.
> |
> | It will; but I think it's best described the other way round -- that
> | is, any platform that has python installed can use XDG -- and I say
> | that only because of the availability of the python XDG bindings.
> | Not that it really matters to me, but it is worth investigating if
> | these bindings come with python or are external.  I'm thinking about
> | packaging.
>  The bindings are an external package, not part of the core Python
> distribution (on Fedora they are packaged as 'pyxdg', on Ubuntu
> 'python-xdg').  On Fedora the package seem to be part of the default
> installation if you have the Gnome desktop (Totem and IBus both depend
> on the package).
> (I don't have any clean stock Ubuntu desktop machines to see if the
> package is there in their Gnome setup. An Ubuntu server install with
> basic X packages installed doesn't have them.)

Yes -- I really don't care about this point, it's a packaging problem.  But
it's perhaps a bigger change for some packagers because FVWM will now
depend on both perl and python.  But as to how that happens, I don't care.

-- Thomas Adam

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