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> On 20 March 2012 05:23, Ranjan Maitra <mai...@iastate.edu> wrote:
> > So, I just wanted to be sure: none of the above-mentioned packages are
> > of much use anymore, is that correct?
> Correct.
> > Also, are any of the patches in the ArchLinux/Gentoo builds already
> > included/proposed to be so in fvwm? I wanted to put together a local
> > RPM for fvwm, and I therefore wanted to know.
> They won't be included here at upstream, no.

Thanks again! May I ask: is the reasoning behind prohibiting
inclusion of these features upstream philosophical, or is
it that it increases code complexity or resource usage overhead
substantially (or something similar)? If the latter, of course that is
far more serious, and would be helpful to know.

> > Does Jason Tibbitts have involvement with the Fedora RPM? From what I
> > see there, it appears to be maintained by someone called Peter Lemenkov:
> > however, there has been very little action there for a long time?
> I'm CCing him.  You'll need to ask him, as I have no idea.

Thanks very much to Jason. I can make my own RPM: don't know about others.

Best wishes,

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