I've been using fvwm for quite a while. Although it works very well for me,
some minor improvements can still be made. Here are a few glitches and feature
requests (sorry if this is the wrong place for them). I should also mention
that I use fvwm 2.6.3, but since I didn't see these things in the ChangeLog, I
thought there was no need for upgrading.

1. When using the HilightBack MenuStyle option, disabled menu items use the
normal menu foreground as their background, and I couldn't find any option to
change it. Is this a mistake? I think they should use the background instead.
Also, enabling ActiveColorset should automatically enable HilightBack the way
it enables ActiveFore. It just seems superfluous the other way.

2. Raising the icon labels above everything else when hovering above them with
the mouse is annoying. They should always be in the same layer as the icons
themselves. Also, the icon label should expand only when focused, not simply
when under the pointer (it could be made customisable, but I don't see why one
would like it the way it is).

3. When using the FPClickDecorRaisesFocused FocusStyle together with 
MouseFocus, FPPassRaiseClick indeed passes the click to the widgets, but it
doesn't raise the window anymore. !FPPassRaiseClick (default) behaves as 
expected, but FPClickRaisesFocused and FPClickIconRaisesFocused pass the click
regardless of it. Something's wrong…

4. Finer control for the PopupOffset MenuStyle, like the position option of the
Menu and Popup commands offer: placement relative to either menu or item,
controlling vertical placement, combining of pixel and percentage values, so
that one could consistently control the behaviour of submenus from a single
place, instead of specifying the option for each submenu in part. Maybe another 
option could be done to alter the default position of non-submenus too.

5. Could an option be added to enable item selection and automatic submenu
popup only when holding the left/right mouse button? This emulates Motif/MWM
behaviour: menu items are highlighted and submenus opened only when clicked
(and not simply when hovering with the mouse above them), but if the left/right
mouse button is held while navigating the menus then automatic popup is enabled
and items are highlighted when the pointer is above them.

6. Style options for icon appearance analogue to those of windows/menus, in
case one wants them to look and behave in a similar fashion: opaque move,
selectable background for transparent pixmaps (since they currently use the
root colour and there's no way to change it), selectable border thickness,
window-like borders (apart from the already existing border, and which should
recieve the focused colour map instead of it). Fixed sizes would also be nice.

7. Some way to make the double click time interval independent of ClickTime.
The double-click-action option of the Menu command somehow does this. Reasons
for this include interface elements with double-click actions bound to them
staying pressed and/or doing nothing until ClickTime ms elapse. E.g. a window
button which shows a menu when clicked and closes the window when double-clicked
would wait ClickTime ms until showing that menu. If I were to use the Menu
command with Close as the value of double-click-action, then there would be no

8. Foreground colour for TitleUnderlines2, instead of Shadow. That's the MWM
way :)

Andi Șerbănescu

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