I have found that FvwmPager crashes and the window vanishes when 1)
the pager is showing a desk other than Desk 0; 2) the configuration
has the pager showing balloons; and 3) you then use button 2 on the
mouse to move a window within the pager.

For instance, try moving a window within the pager using mouse button
2 within both of these pagers. On my machine one pager (the one
without the balloons) will vanish after doing the move; the other
pager without the balloons will not vanish.


*CrashyConfig: Balloons

AddToFunc InitFunction
+ I GotoDesk 0 1
+ I Module FvwmPager 1 1
+ I Module FvwmPager CrashyConfig 1 1
+ I Exec exec xterm


Thanks for all your work on fvwm. Let me know if I can provide any
other info or if this can't be replicated. This is fvwm 2.6.5 on Arch
Linux. --Omari

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