With both fvwm 2.6.5 and latest 2.6.7 I experience a bug when icon of the window of some apps keeps a previously set title. For example: - Normal window has title AND icon title "title", which is correct according to FvwmIdent, - After Iconify, icon title appears as some default name of the application, or "title". - Deiconifying it again, and making app change title to "title (new)". Both title and icon title are correct and shown as "title (new)" according to FvwmIdent. - Iconifying it again, and icon is named "title" (if there was some default app name, it changes to this previously set name). - Deiconifying it again, and making app change title to "new title". Again, both title and icon title is correct per FvwmIdent.
- Iconifying it again, and I see icon name set to "title (new)".

This issue happens only with some apps. Namely, I think all FOX toolkit apps are affected (for me they are Xfe, Xfw, Adie).

On forums http://fvwmforums.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3204 I was directed to mailing list thread
which gave me an idea that setting IconTitleFormat to %i and TitleFormat to %n separately may work. Indeed this worked and solved my issue I described.

So, if someone is affected too by strangely behaving titles of _some_ apps, here is a patch.

--- fvwm-2.6.7.o/fvwm/add_window.c
+++ fvwm-2.6.7/fvwm/add_window.c
@@ -586,7 +586,7 @@
                format = (style->flags.has_icon_title_format_string) ?
                        SGET_ICON_TITLE_FORMAT_STRING(*style) :
-                       DEFAULT_TITLE_FORMAT;
+                       DEFAULT_ICON_TITLE_FORMAT;
        } else {
                format = (style->flags.has_title_format_string) ?
                        SGET_TITLE_FORMAT_STRING(*style) :
--- fvwm-2.6.7.o/fvwm/style.c
+++ fvwm-2.6.7/fvwm/style.c
@@ -2978,7 +2978,7 @@

                        if (fmt_string == NULL)
-                               fmt_string = DEFAULT_TITLE_FORMAT;
+                               fmt_string = DEFAULT_ICON_TITLE_FORMAT;

                        if (!__validate_titleformat_string(fmt_string))
--- fvwm-2.6.7.o/fvwm/style.h
+++ fvwm-2.6.7/fvwm/style.h
@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@

 /* The default title in case the user doesn't supply one. */

 /* access to the special flags of a style */
 /* call these with a pointer to a style_flags struct */

HTH, lynx.
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