On Sun, Nov 21, 2021 at 12:59:17AM +0100, Dominik Vogt wrote:
> Sending patches is getting out of hand.  I believe I had once

Ah.  I had thought you were doing this because you preferred this way of

> write access to the git repo, but it doesn't work anymore
> (permission denied when updating).  What do I need to do to
> reactivate access?

You're a member of fvwmorg on github -- so presumably the permission denied
you're seeing is an out of date SSH key?

> (A quick recap of the procedure involved in getting patches on
> master wold help too.  I'd also be happy with my own branches
> without committing to master myself.)

See:  https://github.com/fvwmorg/fvwm3/blob/master/dev-docs/DEVELOPERS.md


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