On Sun, Nov 21, 2021 at 02:38:09PM +0100, Dominik Vogt wrote:
> The parser branch is a ready as it will be without people testing
> it more.  The upstream branch dv/master hat the latest, merged
> together patches with extensive debug to stderr enabled.
> Please take a look.  If there are no findings I'd like to put this
> on master.

I'll keep testing it here over the next few days.  

Before merging, it would be nice to:

* Convert some/all of the printf(stderr, ...) calls to fvwm_debug() lines so
  debugging is going through that mechanism.  I know historically we've had
  different sections for certain debug (stack-ring, enternotify debug, etc.)
  but I am trying to move away from that, and if you turn on debugging, you
  get everything.  This has helped supporting users already last year, in my
* Remove/convert some remaining comments starting "!!!".
* Decide on the '#if 1' blocks -- are there they to stay permanently? 
* Not just related to change per se (but still present) appears to be what I
  would class as extraneous "return;" lines at the end of void functions which
  seems odd to me.

I will also get some tests in place as well.

> (Note: Produces a ton of debug output and is not suitable to the
> general audience.  Debug output can be disabled by debug defines
> in functions.c and cmdparser_old.c.)

It's things like this which tell me "it's not quite ready yet to be merged".
Which is good, because this branch is level with master so it doesn't need to
be merged just to test it -- and it's that shift in mentality, trying to
keep master in the most stable state it can be which helps a lot with the
release process.


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