This is a tough one:

==14237== 11 bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 11 of 102
==14237==    at 0x483877F: malloc (in 
==14237==    by 0x5FF7E4A: strdup (strdup.c:42)
==14237==    by 0x14B75A: interpolate_titleformat_name (add_window.c:678)
==14237==    by 0x14C27A: setup_visible_names (add_window.c:1784)
==14237==    by 0x14E714: AddWindow (add_window.c:2417)
==14237==    by 0x136A4E: HandleMapRequestKeepRaised (events.c:3068)
==14237==    by 0x150210: CaptureAllWindows (add_window.c:3775)
==14237==    by 0x1560F8: StartupStuff (fvwm3.c:1488)
==14237==    by 0x1386F3: My_XNextEvent (events.c:4289)
==14237==    by 0x139C1C: HandleEvents (events.c:4222)
==14237==    by 0x158C4D: main (fvwm3.c:2547)

To reproduce:

  * Start fvwm with valgrind on a Xephyr screen
  * Kill everythign except an rxvt (or whatever)
  * Open FvwmConsole and type
      style rxvt startsonpage 0 0
      destroystyle rxvt
    (Any style option causes this.)
  * Quit fvwm

So, a title is allocated and leaked.  It must have to do with the
style update procedure.


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


Dominik Vogt

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