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> > This is about an accident during elastic paging development, but
> > it feels "good" to me.  I've secretly always hated the "snapping"
> > effect of snap attraction.  Windows jumping around is confusing,
> > especially if the distance is big, e.g. if you use a "100" edge
> > resistance.  So here is the new idea:
> >
> I like it when my window snap to edges/other windows. Though I also
> like this idea as well, I can see both being useful. Is this going to
> be configurable so a user can use the behavior they prefer?

It could be configurable at the cost of complete code duplication.
The existing method is only aware of the window's requested
position.  The new method needs to keep two window positions, the
position where it was blocked and the position where it would be
if there were no blocking.

Apart from the visual annoyance, the conventional method has some
usability problems because it's impossible to place windows a few
pixels away from other windows, or a little bit over the screen
edge.  (Of course you can do that with the Alt key, but few people
know about the keybindings at all).


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