Fvwm is the only project I'm aware of that changes its name with
each major version.  Let's _please_ go back to "fvwm" and replace
the 1.x versioning scheme with 3.x.  Automake + autoconf can deal
with renaming executables if distros need that.  Both versions use
the same config files anyway.  You cannot have version 2 and 3
installed at the same time using the default config file.

Some people still insist on calling fvwm-2.6.x "fvwm2".  Why?  The
name has been "fvwm" officially since April 2002.

The name split caused extra work and confusion back in ancient
times.  The same thing will happen again.


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


Dominik Vogt

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