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> You forgot instructions to reproduce.

I tought it was obvious, so in hurry I didn't described that. Here it is:

Steps to reproduce with plain default FVWM setup:

1.    Copy /share/fvwm3/default-config as ~/.fvwm
2.    Edit ~/.fvwm/config, add Module FvwmMFL into StartFunction
3.    Login to this session / start fvwm with this config
4.    In one terminal window, enable the second screen and restart fvwm:

xrandr --output Virtual-1 --mode 1400x1050 --primary --output Virtual-2 --mode 
1400x1050 --right-of Virtual-1
FvwmCommand Restart

Replace RandR names of the monitors above with you actual names.

Then, configure xterm to have Style PositionPlacement Center and start it:

FvwmCommand 'Style XTerm PositionPlacement Center'
xterm &

Xterm will appear between two monitors, in the real center instead of center of 
the current monitor.

The same behaviour can be observer while calling Quit from the menu: Quit form 
will appear between two monitors.
Latest release behaves well BTW.

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