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Secondly, take another look at the document, since it tells you how functions could be specified.

"the document", if I'm reading the right one, is just a very short sketch (3-4 pages) with some examples ... compared to the much longer man pages I studied carefully long time ago (not necessarily understanding all, specially what I was not needing at the time, and surely not remembering it all :-) )

The point is that most users (I guess, that's valid for me anyhow) would only write a full configuration file once or twice in a lifetime, and edit it less than once per year.

I am also possibly even more extremist than other users, as I won't update fvwm version until I update my OS, and won't update my OS until I change my hardware (but at that moment I'M DAMN SURE I WANT TO GO ON USING FVWM).

So possibly the "change in config syntax" is just "another nuisance" of the sort I will be confronting when updating version (i.e. very seldom), and I suppose I am ready to consider it a "physiological" nuisance.

I am looking at my .fvwmrc (refurbished in 2015, using fvwm 2.5.26 under openSUSE 11.3), the one referred to near the end of http://sax.iasf-milano.inaf.it/~lucio/WWW/Opinions/window.html, and I see I use the following sort of items

- Desktop characteristics (name and size)
- general characteristics inherite from something (I do understand
  ColormapFocus FollowsFocus or ImagePath and forgot why the rest)
- Color sets (and FvwmBacker)
- general Styles (Style *)
- Styles for my modules and applications

- some event handlers (DestroyModuleConfig and recreation) and associated

- the big thing, the StartFunction which starsts applications and modules
  with some associated functions

- my window menus with some associated functions
- my root menu and some other menus
  (including some inherited stuff like for FvwmWinList

- the definition of a button box and pager, of a task bar etc,
  inclusive of some usage of FvwmCommand, SendToModule, FvwmScript

- the key and mouse bindings and some accelerators

Now for some of those items (typically those fitting on one line) I understand the matter is a change of syntax of the arguments. What I consider a "physiological nuisance".

It is less clear to me what I should do to update things which are multiline like AddToFunc +I ... or ModuleConfig or FVwmScripts or event handlers (the ones I understand less).

But I guess I will confront with them in due time. Next hardware change if I wait long enough that "new fvwm" is ready by then, or even second next if I change earlier :-)

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