Hi all,

I’m announcing new release candidate for NsCDE - rc28. Hopefully the last
before non-rc release. :-) This should finally happen at the end of the year,
two years after initial development started.

NsCDE 1.0rc28 can be downloaded by cloning master from 
or by downloading the tarball here:

Release notes are below ...

NsCDE 1.0rc28 (pre)release notes

This pre-release focuses on 5 major points:
- FVWM3 support
- Menus and keybinding ergonomic reworked for usability as well as CDE
  similarity where applicable and useful
- Front Panel color 8 and colored WSM options support, which covers a wide
  range of CDE variants on old UNIX systems
- Reworked OccupyWorkspace/Page dialog for extended usability
- General polishing and fixing for release 1.1 which should happen in the
  middle of december 2020 on the 2th anniversary of starting work on NsCDE

1. New features

- Color Style Manager in "Number Of Colors ..." dialog now offers two new
  (sub)options: to use color 8 of the palette for icon background on Front
  Panel and interior Icon background as on some versions of CDE on HP-UX
  and AIX. Further, some versions of UNIX systems had Workspace Manager in
  the color 6 of the palette, which is also offered as an option in NsCDE
  now. Both of this features are available only in 8-colors mode, not in
  4-colors. Because of necessary internal changes, (Colorset 23 addition)
  $FVWM_USERDIR/NsCDE-Colorset.conf must be rebuilt. After upgrade, Color
  Style Manager and popup message with that info will appear on screen
  after upgrade from pre-1.0rc28 and (re)start of FVWM. Select existing
  or any other color scheme to get Front Panel properly colored again.

- Icons can now be focused and browsed with up/down arrows on the one page
  with Meta+Alt+i. Pressing Meta+Alt+i selects back last non-iconic window on
  the current workspace/page.

- Smooth use with FVWM3 as much as this can be, during this still "young"
  phase of FVWM3. On system with both FVWM2 and FVWM3 installed, FVWM2 will
  still be used by default, but this can be overriden by putting FVWM_BIN
  variable in startup or login profile to point to main FVWM2 or FVWM3 binary.

- Occupy Workspace and Occupy Page dialogs has been merged into one app. When
  called as "Occupy Workspace" initial behaviour and list is workspaces, and
  when called as "Occupy Page" initially list of pages will be shown. By
  pressing workspace or page radio button, or space key shortcut, mode of
  operation will switch from pages to workspaces and vice versa. In short,
  it is enough to call Occupy to select workspace and page in one move.

- Window Operations Menu can be now called with Meta+Alt+Space or Meta+Alt+m.

- CDE Alt+ArrowUp and Alt+ArrowDown raise/lower overlapping windows support.

- Flipping windows on the current workspace/page with Ctrl+Menu and

- Icon placement now in pixels matches CDE placement of iconified windows.

- Menus are now logical and consolidated. Specially Window Operations Menu.
  There are no dead or non-usable options presented. Dynamic menus are used.
  This is now tuned also for the Front Panel and Subpanels menus.

- It should be possible now to work with keyboard without touching mouse in
  the most cases.

- New logo based on brutalism achitecture style and patterns, which nicely
  fits general CDE and NsCDE experience.

- nscde_setup wizard now supports localization.

- Select Area screenshot option

2. Bug fixes

   - See ChangeLog or "git log" for detailed working list of fixes. Generally
     most of the fixes are working same-day fixes, but there was some old

3. Removed / discontinued

   - Removed old logo, removed some faulty and wrong backdrops and the rest
     consolidated. Removed duplicate and very similar palettes from some old
     non-standard CDE palettes collection.

   - OccupyWorkspace and OccupyPage dialogs are replaced with unified Occupy

4. Misc

   - Backdrops were consolidated, named logically from their ad hoc choosen
     names, palettes were also consolidated with duplicates and almost
     duplicates removed.

   - New TallSkyDark and TallSkyLight backdrops for moden big displays.
     Diethering of course remains.

   - First mouse button click on the root window now gives root menu, not
     double click. Double click will give Window Options menu.


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