Hi all,

I'm announcing first real release of NsCDE (1.1) after 2 years!

It can be fetched from here:


NsCDE 1.1 release notes

This is the first "real" release, after 2 years of development.
Release focuses on this major points:

- Better wallpaper handling in Backdrop Style Manager
- FVWM3 used by default when found (if not overriden by explicit environment)
- Keybindings has been further logically reorganized
- Manual Tiling support with Meta+Alt+R
- Documentation update
- Portability: NetBSD, OpenIndiana, OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD

1. New features

- Wallpapers can now be centered, tiled or aspect-stretched in the Backdrop
  Style Manager

- Windows of the current page can be tiled with Meta+Alt+R, and resized in
  semi-automatic zoom in and zoom out mode with Meta+F4 and Shift+Meta+F4

- NsCDE has been tested, tuned and fixed to run on NetBSD, OpenIndiana,
  OpenBSD, and DragonFly BSD. With Linux and FreeBSD support, this covers
  pretty much all of active free, open and semi-free UNIX and Linux systems

- Key bindings are ordered to use Meta, Alt, Meta+Alt, Menu, Escape and
  Tab in conditions where appropriate, hintful and logical. For example,
  Menu key based keybindings are for actions about menus. Window movement
  iconification, size, closing, repositioning actions are bounded to F
  buttons with similar actions on the same F button, but with Alt or Meta
  as the modifier

2. Bug fixes

- See ChangeLog or "git log" for detailed working list of fixes. Generally
  most of the fixes are working same-day fixes, but there was some old

3. Removed / discontinued

- NsCDE-photos git repo is discontinued and will be removed in the future.
  With NsCDE there are now coming four file size optimized PNG examples.
  All other wallpapers, if wanted instead of backdrops, should be provided
  by the user in $FVWM_USERDIR/photos manually, or imported with "Add ..."
  button from Backdrop Style Manager

4. Misc

- Two years ago, NsCDE has started as consolidation of chaotic private set
  of fvwm configurations and scripts. Spontaneously, this emerged as
  something which can be shared by others, and in march of 2019 uploaded
  as project on GitHub. Since then, lot of features and fixes appeared
  and active development has beed made on betas, and then long never ending
  row of release candindates up to rc28. This is now the first release.
  Since most of the release candidates were really 1.0 already. The first
  real release will take version 1.1. After it, 1.2 will emerge and so on ...

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