I've successfully created a pager that pops up whenever the Ctrl and Alt
keys are pressed, but the window always appears under the cursor despite
setting Geometry or PositionPlacement.

I have tried a number of things to move the window, but figured I'd ask:
what's the proper way to make a transient instance of FvwmPager move to
an x position of 70 pixels, and a y position of 0 (+70+0 in geometry

The FvwmPager related configuration is below, with only the geometry
related positioning item retained. As configured below, the pager pops
up at the mouse cursor and goes away when a button or key is pressed.

$[infostore.desktops_0based] == 2
$[infostore.panel_width] == 70

Style PopUpPager !Borders, CirculateSkip, FixedPosition, FixedSize, \
                 !Handles, StaysOnTop, Sticky, !Title, WindowListSkip

Key Alt_L A C \
    Module FvwmPager -transient PopUpPager 0 $[infostore.desktops_0based]
Key Control_L A M \
    Module FvwmPager -transient PopUpPager 0 $[infostore.desktops_0based]

# Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down goes one above/below current desk (respectively).
Key Up A CM GotoDesk -1 0 $[infostore.desktops_0based]
Key Down A CM GotoDesk 1 0 $[infostore.desktops_0based]

DestroyModuleConfig PopUpPager: *
*PopUpPager: Title PopUpPager
*PopUpPager: +$[infostore.panel_width]+0
*PopUpPager: Rows $[infostore.desktops_1based]
*PopUpPager: Columns 1
*PopUpPager: DeskTopScale 6
*PopUpPager: MiniIcons
*PopUpPager: UseSkipList


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