Dominik Vogt wrote (Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 12:05:26PM +0100):
> Try running just
>   WindowList (currentpage)
> from FvwmConsole and see if that works as expected.
> The ordering of that list entirely depends on the order in which
> windows are focused.  If that results in a weird ordering, then
> something messes with window focus.  In that case, try if this
> helps:
>   destroyfunc EWMHActivateWindowFunc
>   addtofunc EWMHActivateWindowFunc
>   + I echo Ignoring EWMHActivateWindowFunc $[] $[]
> And watch the console output for the debug messages.

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but something does seem to be messing with 
window focus. For a while, the list is nicely maintained in MRU order, then 
suddenly, a window that I haven't focused for a while jumps up to the middle of 
the list. Sometimes its Emacs, sometimes its zathura (a pdf viewer). I copy 
pasted the destroyfunc and addtofunc that you provided above into FvwmConsole, 
but neither FvwmConsole itself, nor .xsession-errors had anything to report 
while the list was being re-ordered, apparently randomly.

The alternative you suggested won't help me, because I was looking to address 
precisely the situation when I have a page "cluttered with many windows, all 
atop each other".

For now, I've just disabled SelectOnRelease, and use the Fvwm assigned number 
to quickly jump to the window I want. This saves me from having to keep typing 
Tab to get where I want in the list. I suppose it'll just take a little while 
for muscle memory to reset itself to this usage pattern.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

Idle curiosity: do you use ipe too? Nice to discover such commonalities in an 
unrelated list.


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