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i quite often find myself wanting to move windows between desks to suit my workflow. what i would like is the ability to move windows as they are on desk X to screen Y without them losing which page they are on.

I usually have 7 desks (not that I use them all all the times), and usually each is a single page (I have the possibility to transform each desk in a 1x2, 2x1 or 2x2 arrangement, but I have really never used it). Also I have entries in the window menu to "occupy desk n" (or even "ocpy page n"), as well as other accelerators, but at the end it happens to me that the way I use almost all the times is simply to make a given window sticky or unsticky.

Typical use, I keep mail in one desk, the browser in another desk, and work in the other. If I have to paste an URL (or a piece of web page) in a mail or in a text editor winodw, I just make such window sticky, go to the browser desk, do the copy, go back and unstick.

Screenshot and .fvwrc samples in

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