Hello all,

Just to inform, new NsCDE release is out. More older and more retro than ever. 

NsCDE 1.2 release notes

This is a bugfix release of NsCDE without major new features or
changes. For a time this will probably be long term release until
new cycle of planned changes and works begins. Lot of fixes which
emerged from usage and from GitHub issue reports, also there are
some optimizations and polishing on many places.

>From the ChangeLog:

* Fix Resize from Maximized states to get proper menus
* Ensure configure_window event to put de-maximized window into state 8
* Fix StartsOnScreen when repositioning windows
* FilePicker: handle directories with spaces
* Update insanely old and wrong installation instructions in docs
* Expansion of monitor.current of GlobalPager for FVWM3 fix
* Set state 8 to true on max to grow helper to avoid confusion from event
* Fix ENTRY typo for subpanels
* Docs update, fix paths, add notices
* Properly handle gtk dark theme flag based on palette 4th colour foreground
* Use FvwmCommand again for fvwm and fvwm3, rewrite nscde_fvwmclnt as shell 
* Properly handle acpi actions on Linux systems with fake/inactive systemd
* Correct padding for active and checked gtk3 buttons (thanks leoctrl)
* Remove unnecessary and damaging delete/close/destroy of all windows on quit 
* LD_PRELOAD only for FvwmScript on unpatched fvwm 2.X
* Fix nscde_setup setting already existing gtk configs
* Carefully wrap and call shell interpreter in Sandbox mode
* Optimize fallback maximize state for configure_window event
* Add pre-compiled convinient help binaries for aarch64 and armv7l
* Specify appropriate action for subpanel button 1 3rd mouse click
* Front Panel right click localization fixes
* Reorganize common WSM button right click options
* Front Panel New launcher instructions on click
* Fix gtk3 hardcoded red border in widgets.css

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