On Sun, Jul 11, 2021 at 12:13:49PM +1000, Wojciech Lipinski wrote:
> Perhaps I could help a little bit with the content cleaning and merging. I
> do not have much spare time either but I could do what I can in the time
> available. I am not sure how http://fvwm.sourceforge.net/ relates to
> fvwm.org and who is in charge of it. 

Me neither, and it's not something I'm bothered to find out.  In most
cases, it seems sourceforge sites have been taken over by squatters.  Although
that's perhaps not the case here, I don't have control of that site and don't
wish to.  As I said before, in most google searches, fvwm.org is usually the
place that's referenced.

> It says it is a mirror of fvwm.org and
> that it is an official FVWM page, but it does not look like a mirror of
> fvwm.org anymore. However, the following section of that "mirror" website is
> quite useful: http://fvwm.sourceforge.net/doc/unstable/allCommands.html

That's not something that's going to work for fvwm3, as the documentation is
now rendered via asciidoctor.  To maintain this list, we'd have to produce
this a different way.

> Furthermore, some websites, e.g. https://wiki.debian.org/Fvwm, refer to
> https://www.fvwm.org/contact/
> but it leads to 404.

If Jaimos is reading this, I'm sure he'll be able to fix this on the

> I guess there is some legacy for the long history of
> FVWM. How is fvwm.org maintained?

It's no different to how it has always been.  It's just that now, Github is
being used for CI/CD and for people to submit patches.

> I can see that fvwm.org is now much
> refreshed and it has its Wiki section. Is it based on MediaWiki? If not,
> have you and/or your colleagues considered using MediaWiki?

It's using Markdown and Jekyll (which is what is used for Github Pages as
well).  See:  https://www.fvwm.org/Wiki/ -- this will tell where to find the
repository to checkout for the Wiki as well (it's a part of the fvwm.org
website code).


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