Is there some kind of X event that fvwm can respond to when a new USB 
input device is plugged in?

Because I recently switched from using CorePointer/CoreKeyboard in the 
xorg.conf, to the 'modern' hot plugging of X devices.

However, now the settings of keyboard and mouse return to the default when 
the devices are unplugged: "xset r", xmodmap etc.

How do fvwm users typically handle this scenario?

My keyboard and mouse are on a USB hub, powered on/off separately. I'm 
tired of having to manually re-run a script every time I return to work.

Searching gives suggestions to add scripts to Linux udev; that seems 
totally the wrong layer to me -- it can only be configured by root, runs 
whether X is running or not, and I'd somehow need to delegate access to 
the running X session. I don't run dbus here either. This is on simple 
Slackware/Alpine Linux system.

I'm thinking there must be a well designed solution here; the X server has 
acknowledged the appearance of a new device, so how can an X client 
(specifically fvwm) respond to this action?

Many thanks


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