Version 3.7.2

Fvwm Crystal 3.7.2 is out.

This release is an important bug fix and new features release.

- Initial IPTV support for mplayer.
  From the playlist menu, fvwwm-crystal can download the playlists from
  the internet and will incorporate them into the playliste menu.

  By default, all IPTV categories are supported, but the nsfw
  cateegory is disabled. Its preference file is into
  FVWM_CONFIGDIR/preferences, so that only a sysadmin can change it.
  For the other categories, a preference setting is provided into the
  playlist menu.

- Fix nasty Piperead calls into the mplayer control that could freeze

- Fix the Fullscreen functions for use with fvwm3. That should also
  work with fvwm2 and fix these functions for the browser windows and
  other windows using the F11 Fullscreen mode or similar Fullscreen
  functions - Fullscreen from fvwm-crystal have the precedence over
  what the browser think is best.

- Various improvements, fixes and cleanup. See ChangeLog for details.

Power to the people,
Dominique Michel

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