Hi, I'd love to do the same with gkrellm, except I'd also like it to
always remain on top also.  Right now it often ends up hidden under my
right panel, since I like to place it in the lower right. Today, each
time I start FVWM, I have to manually click on the gkrellm window and
then set it to "StaysOnTop".  There must be a way to specify in
.fvwm/config Start Function area  the "StaysOnTop" parameter?
right now the line is
+ I Test (Init) Schedule 8000 Exec gkrellm

is it as easy as 

+ I Test (Init) Schedule 8000 Exec gkrellm StaysOnTop

Or Do I have to setup a separatet Style with Layers?
Cheers,  BrianA_MN

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> Hi folks,
> there's one manual step I'd like to automate with fvwm:  I'd like
> to make all windows that are created or moved to given physical
> display - sticky.
> For now I've partially automated that based on the window name,
> but I'd love to base this on the display where the window is
> shown rather than on the window name.
> Is there a reasonable way of doing this?  How?
> Thanks,
> Martin

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