Dear fvwm [Jason I guess],

Today I installed version 2.4.17 and had one curious problem (that
did not exist in version 2.2 which I had been using for several years):
Namely, commands like
  *FvwmButtons(2x2+0+0, Icon zero.xpm, Action "Desk 0 0")
did not find the icon; I had to give the entire path name
  *FvwmButtons(2x2+0+0, Icon /home/icons/zero.xpm, Action "Desk 0 0")
even though I had said
  ImagePath /home/icons:/usr/share/icons
near the top of my .fvwm2rc file.

Other uses of icons, as in
  Style XTerm Icon royalshell.xpm, SloppyFocus, NoTitle
had no trouble finding /home/icons/royalshell.xpm.

If you want to see the entire .fvwm2rc file, including a screen shot,
you can find it on the web at
near the bottom. Also given there are the icons zero.xpm, one.xpm,
two.xpm, and three.xpm that weren't found without full path names.

I've been a confirmed fan of fvwm ever since I started using this layout;
it increases my efficiency fantastically. Every other Linux window
system has bad ideas about the focussing --- every option of KDE
and GNOME is broken in some important way! Although the use of
full path names gets around my immediate problem, I thought you
would like to know about this apparent bug.

Cordially, Don Knuth

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